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We took care of the press relations for:


- HoReCa Wallonie, 

- HoReCa Namur, 

- The Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation, King Michael I of Romania

- Troc International, 

- College of Federal Ombudsmen (three press conferences), 

- Service of the Walloon Ombudswoman (1997), 

- Bruxelles Technopol, 

- Euroculture Production, 

- The Fondation Folon, 

-The Beer Museum in Hoegaarden, 

- Durieux Communications: requiem of Mozart, Carmina Burana, Tokyo Ballet – Béjart (2001), the La Scala Theatre Ballet of Milan (2002), 

- Agora Europa: colloquia for the European Parliament: ‘Maritime Security’, 2002; ‘Aerial Security’, 2002; ‘Armament Policies’, 2002;

- Rideaux du Fort: Brussels Flower Show and cribs; 

- Classic Events: Christmas in Gent (2007) and Christmas in Groot-Bijgaarden Castle (2007), 

- Prince and Princess Alexander of Belgium Relief Fund: promotion of the book about Prince Alexander and about Thierry Bosquet,

- We have designed the logo for the College of Federal Ombudsmen and the Service of the Walloon Region Ombudsman, as well as for the members of the Brussels cabinet.

- Foundation « Open Churches » : since 2007
- « Millésime Chocolat » : November 2017


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