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Shop openings, company events, lectures, concerts, Brussels Club, colloquia, congresses, institution anniversaries: photos



Gala of the Relief Fund Prince and Princess Alexander of Belgium

- 2012: in the Provinciaal Hof in Bruges

- 2013: in the Pouhon Pierre-le-Grand in Spa

2014: in the Antwerp City Hall

- 2015: in the Mons City Hall

- 2016: in the Brussels City Hall

- 2018: at SISKA , Knokke-Heist

Coordination and press and public relations.


Literary Prize Prince Alexander of Belgium: 2012, 2014, 2016.

General organisation of this literary prize in collaboration with the publishing house Avant-Propos.


8th garden walks of Mélin (Mélin – 30 and 31 May 2015)

10th Walk through the Gardens of Mélin (10 & 11 June 2017)

General organisation of this weekend and promotion, press relations (3400 visitors)


Museum of letters and manuscripts (2011)

Event on the occasion of the new museum’s opening: privatization of the Galerie du Roi for 800 persons. 


Concert ‘Chopin dans tous ses états’ (Brussels – 02/12/2006)

(on the authority of the Embassy of Poland)

General organisation of a Christmas concert for the Embassy of Poland (800 participants)


Entraide et Fraternité  (11/05/2002)

- General organisation of a festive day in the Floreffe Abbey (1000 participants)


Amnesty International  (1998)

- General organisation and press relations of the ‘Freedom Night’


Christian Social Party (PSC)

- General organisation of seven General Councils and national congresses between 1996 and 2002; 600-1200 participants.

- Appointment of the new party president Philippe Maystadt (19/06/1998);

- ‘Fête de la Démocratie’ in one of the Heysel palaces (14/11/1998) for 5000 persons.


Crèche Sainte-Gertrude in Etterbeek 

Organisation of a concert for its 100th anniversary.


80th anniversary of the ‘Fédération des Scouts Catholiques’ – (Brussels, February 1992)

General coordination of an activity day for 5000 young people in Brussels and a gala dinner in the presence of Prince Philippe.


Colloquium ‘Promotion de la Santé à Bruxelles’ (Brussels, Congress Palace – 1995)

(on the authority of French Community Commission) – 1000 participants

General organisation.


Founding of the Brussels Club Brussels, 1995 – 1999

F-X Remion is a founding member and the driving spirit of a new Brussels business club, based for four years in the Stanhope Hôtel. Lectures, visits, lunches. The Club counted 80 members at its height.


Organisation of a lecture cyclus : ‘The Brussels Lectures’ - (Brussels, 1984-1992)

Lectures of, among others, Raymond Barre, King Michael I of Romania, Manfred Wörner (NATO Secretary General), Jean Gandois, Cardinal Danneels, Amine Gemayel (former President of Lebanon)... (300-1200 participants per lecture).

General organisation, promotion, press relations.


Troc International (1996-2002)

- General organisation of 27 shop openings across Belgium. Press relations.

- Organisation of a European Congress for TROC DE L’ILE – TROC International in Bruges (150 participants – April 2003).


Chubb Insurance Company of Europe (annual event: 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002)

General organisation of the yearly client evenings on five different prestigious Brussels locations. 


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